(Pict) Tiger pattern for JoonSeo Couple?

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I think they just love with this pattern ^^

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JoonSeo Couple ~ Cute Pout

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(Random) JoonSeo Luv Fans views about this obsessive couple



I wonder whether I’m the only one who actually likes Lee Joon’s “wife” Oh Yeon Seo. I really, really like her. I mean…I get that she’s weird and stuff but I feel like she just has to warm up a bit. She may seem hostile but she’s just shy and it’s hard for her to tell him what she wants. It takes them a while longer to like each other and get along but once some time has passed their bond is actually the strongest. What I don’t really like is the fact that Lee Joon doesn’t get that he needs to just tell her when he said or did something stupid and not talk himself out of it. Also..I totally understand her when she gets annoyed by him when he doesn’t feed her while looking at the other “happy couples”. I’m really curious as to what some of you think about the Lee Joon/ Oh Yeon Seo couple. Tell me, please?

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I’m loving this couple so much. I really can’t wait for the next episode. Yeon Seo’s bitch face is so my type XD I mean, isn’t she cute? Y U guys hate her bitch face?!

It was so cute when Yeon Seo vote for her husband and make a cute little message right after~

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My thoughts on the JoonSeo couple.

From the multiple negative comments I’ve seen, I feel the need to defend the JoonSeo couple.

(And no, Im actually not an MBLAQ fan. I mean, I haven’t had the chance to listen to them or watch them so I may end up being one, but I’m just saying that I’m not defending this couple for the sake of my “oppa” -if you get what I’m saying.)

A lot of people are complaining that Joon’s wife is “mean” or “makes Joon look bad” or “boring”. I don’t think she is. I think people forget that they’re the last couple to meet & so they haven’t gotten the chance to learn about each as much as the other couples have.

So many people love the SunHee couple & I could totally see that. They’re the loud, bubbly, comfortable couple. This is because they’ve known each other- they’re actually friends! So the comfort level is going to be drastically different from JoonSeo. Thus they shouldn’t be compared to each other. None of the couple should be compared to each other because they’re all different & they’re all going to progress at different rates which is what makes WGM so fun to watch 🙂 !

Im looking forward to the JoonSeo the most because of that awkward/uncomfortable feel about them right now. Joon may be an “air head” but you can tell he really wants to understand his wife & make her happy. Yoon Seo may seem “mean” but I think she understands that Joon is a little “immature” and may not know what to do in certain situations, so she leads him by “acting mean” or “being needy”. They’re just starting to get a feel for each other so it means that they have lots of room to progress and learn as a couple. I think they even might have potential to really “fall in love” once they get to spend more alone time together & get to know more about each other.

(ps. i was kinda annoyed this past episode (7) cuz they cut off some pretty cute scenes with JoonSeo. I saw Joon trying to fix Seo’s hair during the voting but they cut it off 😦 ..whyy!!)

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Is it because people are too used to the bubble-cute-loud idol girl groups and stuff that because Yeon Seo is not like that she’s automatically a bitch? Because she doesn’t faun over everything Joon-oppa does? Because she has a strong aura?

There are many different types of girls. Yeon Seo when you think about it is the outlier in the group, the others in wgm have been around each other longer so when she’s saying she’s observing things and that her face is just like that, I believe her. I’m like that, when I observe, I’m not just smiling and shit just to smile, I’m paying attention to what’s going on and taking it in. Plus, her face looks like the type people mistake as a bitch, doesn’t mean she is.

Joon is not very knowledgeable with dealing with Yeon Seo’s type but I think that’s one of the things that makes this couple interesting.As well as the fact that they don’t know each other so they have to go through trial and error to learn.

Yeon Seo – Lee Joon Hwaiting!

My favourite couple this season<3

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Now..can you tell me what’s your view  about JoonSeo Couple ^^?

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JoonSeo Couple ~ Hi all “JoonSeo Luv” ^___^

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JoonSeo Couple ~ Wearing a hanbok

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