100th day

tumblr_mb1lguuBOR1r5ft0vo1_500Q: “Can you really have feelings for her?”

Lee Joon : “Of course, it’s not that I can, I think that I will”

e61190ef76c6a7ef1d9224f7fdfaaf51f2de66afYeon Seo : “We were fated.. I was feeling like I totally fell in love”

They were brought together from two different world, but they are actually same… very obsessive to each other and make them the obsessed couple..

Happy 100th Day Anniversary Lee Joon (Changsun) and Oh Yeon Seo (Haetnim) ^^

120915 ~ 121224

love you forever~

Metha (joonseocouple.wordpress.com)

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