(Video) 121230 Oh Yeon Seo choose Lee Joon over Lee Jang Woo on MBC Drama Awards


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Lee Joon asked to Yeon Seo who will she choose between Joon and Lee Jang Woo (her husband too on Oh Jaeryong is Coming) and Yeon Seo pick Lee Joon after all ^^..

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(Eng Sub Video) 121229 WGM JoonSeo Couple Ep.16 | All Couple

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Watch and Download : WGM JoonSeo Couple Ep.16

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(News) Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo get touchy on the beach on ‘We Got Married’



The amazing beach weather seems to have had an effect on MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo.

The on-screen couple got a little touchy on the December 29th “honeymoon special” episode of MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘. The three ‘WGM’ couples made sure to protect themselves from the sun’s rays by applying sunblock, and Lee Joon took the opportunity to initiate a little contact with Oh Yeon Seo.

Julien Kang had no problem rubbing sunscreen on his wife Yoon Se Ah‘s arms, legs, and back, while ZE:A‘s Kwanghee caused laughs by shaking nervously when attempting to apply lotion on SECRET‘s Sunhwa.

Lee Joon, who wanted to show his masculine side, aggressively slathered sunblock all over Oh Yeon Seo, explaining that married couple’s shouldn’t be afraid to get touchy.

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(News) MBLAQ’s Lee Joon shows off his dance skills in front of bikini-clad ladies on ‘We Got Married’



MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon showed off his dance skills in front of bikini-clad ladies on December 29th’s ‘We Got Married‘.

On the “honeymoon special in Hawaii” episode, the on-screen husbands went off to buy some refreshments when they ran across a group of women in bikinis. The men were obviously awed by the sight as they couldn’t take their eyes off them.

After the women commented that Lee Joon looked like a K-Pop dancer or singer, he immediately performed a dance for them, even taking off his shoes to add impact to the routine. ZE:A‘s Kwanghee also showed off a cute dance and song, while Julien Kang impressed with his martial art moves.

Kwanghee stated during his solo interview, “It was like an audition. We were displaying our talent to get a good role. They were talents we’ve never shown before. Julien hyung is 30 years old, and he did a high kick in front of teenagers,” while Lee Joon commented, “I was confident. None of them were my type. One girl was pretty though. She could’ve been an actress in the movie ‘Piranha‘.”

In the end, all three admitted to the ladies that they were actually married.

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I love Lee Joon comments here ^^..he’s not very interested with all girls 🙂 his face didn’t turn red in front of the bikini girls, but turned like a tomato when he saw the video of her wife topless in her drama >__<, do you see that ^^?


(Raw Video) 121229 WGM JoonSeo Couple Ep.16 | All Couple


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Happy 100th Day Anniversary JoonSeo Couple ~ The Obsessed Couple \(^___^)/

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100th day

tumblr_mb1lguuBOR1r5ft0vo1_500Q: “Can you really have feelings for her?”

Lee Joon : “Of course, it’s not that I can, I think that I will”

e61190ef76c6a7ef1d9224f7fdfaaf51f2de66afYeon Seo : “We were fated.. I was feeling like I totally fell in love”

They were brought together from two different world, but they are actually same… very obsessive to each other and make them the obsessed couple..

Happy 100th Day Anniversary Lee Joon (Changsun) and Oh Yeon Seo (Haetnim) ^^

120915 ~ 121224

love you forever~

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(News) Lee Joon turns red after watching Oh Yeon Seo’s topless scene on ‘We Got Married’



MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon turned completely red after watching Oh Yeon Seo‘s topless scene from the MBC drama ‘Oh Ja Ryong is Coming‘.

On the December 22nd episode of ‘We Got Married‘, all three couples prepared going on a vacation to Hawaii. The Oh Yeon Seo-Lee Joon couple ran into Kwanghee and Sunhwa at the airport, where hilarity ensued.

The two couples began a playful argument when Sunhwa mentioned Oh Yeon Seo’s recent topless scene. Kwanghee said to Lee Joon, “Didn’t you see it? The entire nation saw it.” Lee Joon immediately yelled angrily, “Bring it over.”

Lee Joon began watching the scene, and apparently, it revealed a bit too much of Oh Yeon Seo as he commented in surprise, “Oh my gosh,” and “Daebak, daebak.”

He couldn’t take his eyes off of the video clip and put on his sunglasses to hide his embarrassment. However, the sunglasses did not hide his bright red face.

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LOL..I think he will start to search and watch her >___<“

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